The Digital Oasis

The Digital Oasis by HP is a technology center offering hardware and software designed to foster hands-on learning in innovative, creative and collaborative ways. Whether you are finishing a class project, planning a fundraiser for your club, making posters for your classroom, or capturing memories for a a perfect gift, the Digital Oasis provides you with the tools!

What does the Digital Oasis mean to You

  • Access to creative technology
  • Proceeds support your school
  • On-campus convenience
How can the Digital Oasis be used in the classroom?

The possibilities are limitless for enhancing the classroom experience. For starters:

Entrpreneurship and Business: Business Planning, Marketing, Accounting, Operations, Branding.

Graphic Design: Marketing Materials. Product Templates and Graphics, access to Adobe Software Suite.

Photography: Studio Photography, Post Production Preparation and Editing. Photo Packages Development.

Arts/Other Electives: Culinary, Ceramics, Paint, Menus and Decor, Architecture, Portfolios.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who can access the Oasis?

    Students, faculty, and parents. Please check the school visitor policy before coming on campus.

  2. How can I learn more?

    Contact your Digital Oasis manager.

  3. How much does it cost to use the Oasis?

    Use of the Digital Oasis equipment is free. The only cost to you is when printing or buying products.

  4. What can you do in the Digital Oasis?

    The Oasis provides the equipment and expertise, you provide the creativity and inspiration!
    Create and Print:

    • • Posters
    • • Learning Aids
    • • Posters
    • • Photos
    • • Canvas
    • • Cardss
    • • and more!

    Click here for a product catalog

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